Elsmere Canyon Waterfalls

50-foot waterfall - The highest and most spectacular waterfall in Elsmere Canyon (2-5-2005). The Foothill fire of July 2004 burned much of the brush in the canyon including around this waterfall.

The brown Towsley formation beds lay on top of the basal metamorphic/igneous rocks here (2-5-2005)

I took this photo from high up the eastern face overlooking the waterfall. Like the previous photo, the Towsley formation beds clearly lay on top of the basal metamorphic/igneous rocks. It would be impossible to get a photo like this today. (2-5-2005)

The plant life is beginning to come back (5-11-2005)


This photo is similar to a previous photo, except that the ground is greener (3-25-2006)





On the way to the 50-foot waterfall, this waterfall, along with a couple of other similar waterfalls, have to be climbed (1-22-2005)


This waterfall blocks off the south fork of Elsmere Canyon (3-6-2005)

It cannot be climbed Unless you use climbing equipment (3-6-2005)

Series of waterfalls from high above the canyon floor (3-26-2005)